Give yourself the best advantage to pass the test the first time.

Women’s Health Clinical Specialist Study Programs

Study materials for the WCS examination are hard to find. I have produced a number of recorded sessions focused on preparing you for the test. It is important to study the correct material in the correct way to be fully prepared. Give yourself the best opportunity to pass the first time.

WCS Journey Bundle

This three-step process takes you from application through study and test-taking strategies.  Don’t waste time studying the wrong material and give yourself the best chance to pass. See individual store descriptions for more details on each program.

  • Am I a Women’s Health Specialist? – Step One
  • How to Start Studying for WCS – Step Two
  • How to Read and Answer WCS Test Questions – Step Three (Oct 12, 2022)
  • 2 hrs – $90 value for $75

WCS Case Questions and Specialty Study Bundle

Develop sharp test taking skills with over 30 practice questions and discussion on the thought process behind the answer.  Approaching questions correctly is essential to identifying the correct answer, even if you know the material. In addition, this bundle includes strategies to study for the Professional Expectations questions on the test (25% of the test, not related to patient care).  See individual store descriptions for more details on each program.

  • WCS case questions – obstetrics
  • WCS case questions – bowel and bladder
  • Additional WCS case questions
  • WCS – cancer study resources
  • WCS professional expectations study resource
  • 5 hrs – $210 value for $180